Flying Cloud Landfill


Enebak Construction was contracted to consolidate waste that was piled 30-100 feet deep and reduce the overall landfill footprint. This involved removing the trash down to natural ground, installing a 40 millimeter thick synthetic cover liner, and a gas ventilation system. Due to nearby houses and businesses, dust and odors had to be kept to a minimum at all times. Enebak accomplished this by opening the site up small portions at a time and by using water wagons to spray working areas.

Major Work:

  • Waste Excavation & Relocation: 2.4 Million Cubic Yards
  • Stripping Cover Soils: 1.5 Million Cubic Yards
  • 40 Millimeter Geomembrane Cover Liner: 2.5 Million Square Feet
  • Erosion Control Blanket: 380,000 Square Yards
  • Contract Amount: $15 Million