The Tournament Players Club of the Twin Cities


The Tournament Players Club of the Twin Cities is a 7,140 yard, par 72 championship course built on the flat ground of a former sod farm. Ponds and lakes were excavated to obtain select soils for use in course construction.¬†TPC of the Twin Cities was nominated for “Best Land Transaction” at the 1998 City Business Best in Real Estate Awards. Construction began in March 1998 and was completed in July 1999.

Formerly a 300-acre sod field along hwy 65 in Blaine, it is now a new community of over 1,100 homes that flourish with life. Enebak Construction Company began to work on concept plans in 1998. This site posed many challenges that were overcome by Enebak. The natural lay of the ground had over 20 feet of soft organic peat, which had to be removed and replaced with load bearing material to support the homes and streets. Adding to this challenge, the ground water table was just below the surface. Nearly 3,000,000 cubic yards of sand and peat were dewatered and moved to make this project a reality. Several lakes have been created during construction, some of which are in excess of forty feet in depth. They are a great amenity to this project, and the waterfowl really like them too.

Golf Course Includes:

  • 155,000 square feet of bentgrass putting green surface
  • 274,000 square feet of bentgrass tee area
  • 37 acres of bentgrass fairway
  • 140 acres of bluegrass rough
  • driving range and practice facility

Construction Involved:

  • 903,000 cubic yard pond and lake excavation
  • 990,000 cubic yards of soil¬†correction
  • 980,000 cubic yards of additional excavation
  • 66,000 lineal feet dual wall drain tile
  • 31,000 lineal feet concrete cart path
  • 1500 head Toro LTV irrigation system with 2490 gpm Flowtronex pump station
  • 5 bridges and culverts