Washington County Landfill


The existing 2 Million cubic yards of waste was contaminating underlying soil and groundwater with hazardous chemicals. Enebak Construction was contracted to excavate the waste, install proper liners and soil cover, and to install vertical wells for gases to escape. Enebak Construction completed the project an entire year before contract requirements, largely in part to value engineering. The landfill’s footprint was reduced from 60 acres down to 25 acres.

Major Work:

  • Waste Excavation: 1.8 Million Cubic Yards
  • Common Excavation: 940,000 Cubic Yards
  • Imported 2’ Clay Liner: 80,000 Cubic Yards
  • Base Liner (triple liner system): 1,084,208 Square Feet
  • Cover Liner: 1,065,000 Square Feet
  • Landfill Gas Vertical Well: 1,300 Vertical Feet
  • Landfill Gas Header Pipe: 6,100 Lineal Feet
  • Contract Amount: $18.6 Million

Construction began summer 2009 and was completed fall 2011