Willinger’s Golf Course


Willinger’s Golf Club was constructed on a 270 acre tree farm which contains over 40 acres of oak forest and 60 acres of natural undisturbed, open water and wetlands marshes. The highly acclaimed course, 20 miles south of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, challenges the most accomplished golfer.

Golf Course Includes:

  • 43,000 lineal feet of drainage piping
  • 123,700 square feet of finished putting green surface
  • 132,300 square feet of finished tee area
  • 114,195 square feet of bunker shaping
  • 111 acres of fairway and driving range

Construction Involved:

  • 46 acres of clearing
  • 452,000 cubic yard of earthwork
  • 500,000 square feet of sod
  • 16,000 lineal feet of bituminous cart paths
  • 149,000 square feet of bituminous parking lot
  • perimeter fencing of 270 acre site
  • 2 culvert water crossings and one 100′ long bridge